Saturday, June 16, 2007

Balloons, Bags, and Beaches

On the way to the Balloon Festival today, we stopped at Fabrics by the Pound in Summerdale, where they had boxes of unpackaged long zippers in lots of great colors for $1 each, so I grabbed a few for some upcoming bag projects. They also had some fantastic decorator fabrics at great prices, which really got me thinking about how I've been making fabric choices for my bags, which in turn got me thinking about the whole process, from patterns to fabric selection to construction to finishing. And, I think I finally have a handle on this thing -- being able to make a variety of bags and pouches that aren't too labor-intensive or difficult to complete, while still being fun and stylish. So over the next few weeks I'll be tinkering with my ideas and perhaps offering a few selections for sale.

There were no balloons being launched this afternoon at the Balloon Festival due to the high winds, so we cut that excursion short and went to Gulf Shores. We hadn't planned on going to the beach, so we weren't exactly prepared, but we did stay long enough to get a little sunburned. Some of us just never learn.

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