Friday, June 22, 2007

Bath Time

Last night I attended a Natural Bath & Beauty Products class, and learned how to make bath salts and melt-n-pour soaps. Theresa is a very animated, knowledgeable instructor, and I would love to take a more intensive, hands-on course from her. She approaches most of her soap recipes the same way my grandmother did her cooking -- the "pinch of this" and "handful of that" technique. Not much precision measuring going on here, but it always turns out just fine. However, when I start to make bath products for resale, I will certainly have to measure carefully and keep accurate records. Pictured here are an exfoliating facial bar made with an avocado-cucumber base, honey, and black walnut shells; and bath salts that include orange peel and chamomile. We also made a peppermint and honey body bar with an olive oil base, but I haven't brought that home yet because it was still too soft to unmold at the end of class. Next week we will be making a milk bath and a brown sugar scrub.

And tonight I'll be practicing my buttercream roses!

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