Friday, March 21, 2008

Quilt Guild, and A Great Mail Day!

Today I attended a mid-day meeting for a quilt guild I'm thinking about joining. The speaker was a lady with a collection of vintage aprons, and I left the meeting quite excited about some plans I had already made to sew a couple of hip and flirty aprons.

Then, I arrived home to find a package from Scotland waiting for me. Yes! The earrings I won in Susie's blog giveaway over at Creative Rainbows! When I opened the package, I was thrilled to find not two, but three beautiful pairs of Susie's handmade earrings, as well as some fabulous cards and a delightful bookmark. Take a look!

This photo just doesn't do justice to Susie's work. The "Thanks" card has a clever metallic border that you can't really see here, and the bookmark is laminated, so I can actually use it. And I read a lot, so I do use bookmarks!

My heart is always warmed by the generosity of my blogging friends, and it was so kind of Susie to also send along a couple of things I had been admiring on her blog, plus even more goodies. Thank you, Susie, for brightening my day!

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Susie said...

You are very welcome. Glad you liked them. Hope you and yours have a great Easter.
Hugs, Susie.