Monday, May 5, 2008

Inspiration from Nature

I'm always inspired by nature this time of year, and usually can't get enough of my camera. I'm completely infatuated with all the new growth that is popping out everywhere, but I also love to see what was left behind last season. I have no idea what that is in the top photo, but I've been watching a number of these in the yard all winter, sitting atop stalks that are taller than me, and thinking what great photos they would make. I'm glad there were still a few left when I finally brought out the camera. The bottom photo is from a low branch of a pine tree in my back yard. I guess this is an "out with the old, in with new" sort of photo set.

And speaking of in with the new, we will be relocating one more time, in less than 2 weeks. Making a living here in Southern Illinois has been a tough road, so we are moving to Little Rock, where I have a job waiting for me and Dan has some good potential opportunities. I'm extremely excited about the new job. I'm going to be-- wait for it! -- a technical writer/blogger. I keep hearing the question, "People get paid to do that?" Well, yes, they do! And I'm so looking forward to it!

I've set up a bunch of automatic posts for the next two weeks (love that new Blogger feature!), so I'll be auto-publishing at least every couple of days, although I may not be available to quickly respond to comments for that period, or to comment on all of your wonderful blogs.

I'll be back "in the flesh" as soon as we get to Little Rock. Creative wishes to everyone!

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