Sunday, November 16, 2008

How-To: Moo Card Gift Tag with Liquid Applique

I've already mentioned that I'm trying to use up some of the supplies I already have, and while rooting around in my cabinet I came across an unopened tube of Liquid Applique. I've had this for years, along with a pink tube (also unopened). I probably never used them because once I had them, I really couldn't come up with anything I'd want to use them for. But since the current challenge at make a moo or two is to try something new, I thought I'd give this stuff a go, and I made the little moo-sized gift tag pictured above.

Liquid Applique is really so easy I probably don't need to give you directions here, but since it might be helpful to see before and after photos, just in case you've never used it, here's a brief tutorial.

For my moo card, I first stamped some snow people onto white card stock. That tube of Liquid Applique in the photo below doesn't appear to be white, but I remembered buying white, so I went ahead and tried it anyway.

Next, I simply added the tiniest bit of Liquid Applique to the snowflakes and along the bottoms of the snow people.

Here's what it looks like (below) when it's still wet. Now, the package says you can heat set it right away to puff it up, or for best results you can let it dry overnight before heating it. I decided to let it dry overnight so I could move on to some other things.

The next day, I heated it with my heat embossing tool until it was puffy. You don't want to do this too long, because I've heard that it will scorch. I was pleased to see the Liquid Applique become much whiter after drying and heating.

To complete my gift tag, I added some color with Prismacolor pencils, and put some color into the background with a blender pen and blue ink. If you intend to do much coloring with pencils, you might want to do that before you add Liquid Applique, because it's hard to color around lumpy stuff.

To complete the tag/moo card, I trimmed the piece down and glued it to red card stock, then added a tiny eyelet and a silver cord, as pictured in the photo at the top of this blog post.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous moo! Love the tutorial you made of it too.

Stempelchaotin said...

Wow this is gorgeous.
So wonderful moo.

Femmy said...

beautiful moo!! love also the tutorial you made of it!

Hermine said...

Great MOO

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Carolyn said...

that stuff is cool...i've gotta get myself some! Thx!