Sunday, December 21, 2008

How-To: Birthday Gift Tag

On behalf of all of us who were almost born on Christmas Day, I'd like to say how much we all appreciate our birthday gifts, especially since we know you're so busy this time of year, not to mention broke. But (and that's a tiny little but), we love our gifts even more when the package doesn't look like a Christmas present. Maybe it's because we don't get a festive birthday break mid-year, or maybe it's because most December babies feel a little cheated in the birthday party department. In any case, take my word for it -- we really love, love, love it when that birthday gift isn't wrapped in red or green or holiday foil. (OK, I'm done whining, really!)

And think about it. Aren't you a little tired of holiday-themed projects and crafts? But if you still need to work on Christmas items, this tag can easily be adapted to any occasion.

First, stamp a greeting on a small piece of cardstock. Size is totally flexible, depending on what stamp(s) you're using. Layer that piece on a slightly larger piece of contrasting cardstock. Then, layer that onto a slightly wider piece that has some extra length for folding over.

Next, I used my scallop scissors to make a fancy edge. See that pencil line near the scallops? That's how I manage to cut a nice, straight decorative edge. The pencil line won't show once the tag is folded.

Score a fold line using a ruler and bone folder, and fold your decorative edge over the end of your stamped image. If you want, you can hold it in place with adhesive, but it's not absolutely necessary because now you'll add an eyelet.

Now punch a tiny hole and attach an eyelet, then add a pretty ribbon or two. You can tie your tag around a gift bag, or attach it to a wrapped gift.


Anali said...

Sounds like your birthday is coming up or I just missed it. Have a wonderful birthday or belated Happy Birthday! ; )

Cheryl said...

Thanks Anali! Yes, I'll be celebrating my birthday this week. And today would have been my Granny's 100th birthday. Wow, that sort of freaks me out!