Friday, August 14, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

A while back, I was delighted to receive a Kreativ Blogger Award from the very talented Maria over at Silk Art From Brazil. At the time I was a bit overwhelmed with things unrelated to this blog, and didn't write here about how honored I was to be recognized by Maria, so for the delay, I sincerely apologize. And folks, if you have ever seen Maria's work, then you know that this really is an honor, for Maria creates some of the loveliest hand-painted silk scarves and jewelry you will every see.

Not only can you see some of Maria's work on her blog, but you'll also find all of her collections on her beautiful website, here. And you won't want to miss her Etsy shop, where you can purchase her designs at very affordable prices. Get on over there now and feast your eyes, then buy something!

The Kreativ Blogger Award is traditionally passed on by the recipient to another creative blogger. Choosing someone will be the hard part, for I have a long list of bloggers that I admire. I'll do that soon,though.

And thank you, Maria, for choosing me. It means so much coming from you!


Dr. Denise Tucker said...

Congratulation! Enjoyed your blog. Come visit mine at

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