Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ooh La La!

After a very long sewing and craft drought, I finally finished a bag that I started last summer. It was very easy to make, but I made a cutting mistake that I didn’t notice until after I’d already done some sewing. I wasn’t motivated enough to get out the seam ripper, thus the long delay in getting it finished. I used the Ooh La La pattern by Kathy Fernholz (Indygo Junction), and it’s available at Joggles. For the fabric, I just pieced together a bunch of wide strips (from some plaids and stripes I bought years ago at the Painted Pony in LaPorte, TX), crinkled the stitched piece, then embellished on my machine, mostly with a triple straight stitch, until I was sick of doing it. I still have some of the embellished fabric left, so I see a tiny bag in my future! Actually, this one isn’t very large -- just big enough to hold a wallet, cell phone, and keys. The original plan was to have a bag that coordinated with a favorite green top, which I’ve already been wearing without its matching purse.

Ooh La La Bag


On the list of items to complete: a vinyl tote bag to carry files and other business-related stuff; a velvet bag I started almost a year ago, when I wanted to sew and didn't feel like ripping out the Ooh La La bag; and a drawstring pouch for Dan's saxophone swab (yes, unusual, but he's been requesting it). Then hopefully on to some painting and mixed media.

Now off to the kitchen for a baking project to satisfy my sweet tooth!

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